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Kim Sanders

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A Dreamer, A Doer, A Thinker

I am a Software Developer

I enjoy being challenged and engaging with projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set. Continuing to learn new languages and frameworks are a welcome benefit to my growth as a developer.

I completed a hands-on Software Engineering Fellowship that focused on using Agile Methodologies to build maintainable, well-tested software.

I've facilitated a workshop titled "Harness the power of TDD" at the Women In Tech Summit.

I regularly attend community initiatives that invest in bringing tech to under-served communities, and encourage women and girls to pursue their interest in STEM.

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University of Michigan

Liberal Studies

Upper level coursework focused on Economics, Political Science and Communications.


Web Development Bootcamp

3 month Full-Stack Developer course covering HTML, CSS, JavaScript,Ruby, version control and programming fundamentals.


Black Girls Code

Tech Assistant

Girl Develop It

Teaching Assistant


Sept 2018 - Dec 2018

Engineering Fellow

4 month intensive software engineering fellowship that developed sustainable skills in delivering consumer-grade, enterprise-scaled software applications for today’s cloud-native market.Participated in intensive fellowship focused on core tools and practices of modern Agile software engineering.

-Learned skills in Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms, Database Design, Abstraction, Encapsulation, and Mocking.

-Learned and applied algorithms, database design and SQL, and learned how to utilize mocks and stubs.

-Leveraged core tools and practices of Agile including story cards and planning project timelines.

-Leveraged design best practices while writing code that was understandable, maintainable, and flexible.

-Wrote tests before code that acted as living documentation, with a focus on readability and refactoring ease.

April 2012 - Current

Production Team Member

General Motors

Ensured quality builds by performing safety assurance audits, adhering to automotive manufacturing protocols and performing standardized work.

-Safety captain of IP small parts cell responsible for meeting with management to review and highlight productivity or safety concerns and initiatives.

-Served as audit inspector and driver for import team.

-Attended weekly meeting with management to discuss safety issues of employees and issues that management wanted to convey to the team, ensuring safety and function of team was supported.

-Invited to participate in a HR HCM Transformation Team for company to provide feedback and have dialogue on how to improve the design process.

-Worked in final processing performing visual checks to ensure quality standards.

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Women In Tech Summit -Midwest

Facilited a workshop, open to all levels, on Test Driven Development and Unit Testing. Attendees obtained an understanding of unit tests and how to write them, an understanding of how Test Driven Development can benefit and transform the programming process, and hands-on experience with test-driving code.


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